See what 1,000,000 cooks in Norway are raving about!

Chop it. Crush it. Smash it. Mix it. Hackit!

When most people first see the Hackit they have no idea what it is used for. Even when it is described to them they are still sceptical. But just a single use is all it takes to convert them for life! People who have been cooking minced meat their whole life using a wooden spoon, spatula or similar cannot believe how quick and effective the Hackit is. Regardless of how 'sticky' the mince is - including chicken and pork mince, it cooks in minutes with no lumps. Then a quick rinse and into the dishwasher and you are done.

Even if it isn't mince meat that you are working with, you may be crushing biscuits, smashing avocado, making baby food or mashing strawberries, then the Hackit is for you.

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Hackit Promotional Video


Erling Sundal with Hackit
Nordic Champion Chef Erling Sundal